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Carolina Class

History's second Beach Music magazine.

For those who truly want to develop an appreciation for Beach Music and Shaggin', the archives and documentation are limited at best. Even as we say so, there are two or three invaluable resources...this is one of those. Naturally, the earlier issues are rarer than later issues; Carolina Class was inspired by It Will Stand magazine, and produced under the auspices of WRDX-FM with 'Fessa John Hook as Editor.

Created to serve the audience of radio's first full-time Beach Music format, Carolina Class soon surpassed its predecessors in circulation eventually extending far beyond the station's broadcast range (which covered the western half of North Carolina, north and northeastern South Carolina and the southwestern region of Virginia).

The articles in Carolina Class cover the spectrum of Beach and Shag activities of the area, including detailed music and DJ charts, record reviews, Shag and Bop club news, and many groundbreaking feature articles.

Between the lines you may find the excitement of a group of radio broadcasters engaged in a new multi-media venture in listener services....and the excitement of documenting the growth of a culture beginning its fifth decade.

If you're interested in following the trajectories of a sub-culture with deep, deep roots in American music and dance--but still little-known outside its region (compared to the the depth of its history, the popularity of Shag with swing societies throughout the U.S. still doesn't reflect the breadth of influence this sub-culture has had on the world during the second half of this century).



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